5 Best Coyote Call Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

We all like a great hunt, as well as coyotes, are a preferred game of many hunters since they are difficult to catch. Therefore, it is important to have the correct tools for it, which is the reason why we have decided to provide you enough information on how to select the best coyote call.

It is due to the fact coyotes are smart animals, plus they have figured out they are getting hunted by people.

Therefore, you have to lure coyotes towards you. Ideally, we will help you out with some tricks and tips, after which we will show you what best coyote callers we like. Therefore, you can get something helpful.

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Top 3 Best Coyote Call – Comparison Chart

Primos Alpha Dogg
ICOtec GC300
Primos Turbo Dogg
Primos Alpha Dogg Predator CallICOtec GC300 Game CallPrimos Turbo Dogg Predator Call
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Advantages of Best Predator Calls

Several hunters have typically used mouth game calls designed from plastic, horn, bone, and wood. While, it was working for the skilled hunters, as well as for predators which were less cautious compared to ones these days, gaining an advantage over today’s animals demands better techniques.

The old manual methods need a lot of talent to use as well as there are some that get to the level required to hunt down the predator animals. Electronic predator calls can offer the ideal animal call every time and the first time. Listed below is a list of the top five best electronic coyote call models on the market chosen by our expert team.Capacity to store many kinds of calls, for example, distress calls of a variety of animals which predators will examine.It work nicely under all climate conditions, in contrast to the manual game calls can fall short under unfavorable weather conditions.Many electronic game calls are programmable, enabling you to mix calls to receive the best blend for your predator. For instance, Coyotes respond best to yelps, distress calls, and lone low-frequency howls.They are lightweight, durable, and rugged. Therefore, can take a bit abuse, plus last several years within the field.An electronic coyote call will keep your eyes and hands-free to concentrate on the environment, enabling you to locate a coyote using your binoculars.


best electronic coyote call

While searching for a high-quality electronic game call, ensure that you choose one which is simple to program, loud, and durable. If you are searching for the top coyote hunting calls, think about one of below great predator call reviews.

1. Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Alpha Dogg Reviews: Though expensive, this model from the Primos, undeniably exceeds what hunters might anticipate from a top coyote call.

This product is the peak existence on the market, and it is embedded with a few of the coolest functions that you cannot find in other products available in the marketplace today.

Probably the hottest function of this best electronic predator call is its advanced communication system without interruptions and distortion, providing you the ability to have regular communication along with crew members.

It offers high-quality audio together with its excellent two cone speakers which are easily adjustable. Also, powered by 25-watt amperes, together with a horn speaker system facing ahead, a 200-yard range remote, and so on.

It hosts as much as 75 various sounds of animals for excellent adaptability and versatility within the area, while you could view which audio is played via a high-resolution LCD-display it has.

In case, you wish to include other coyote call sounds; you will be amazed to realize that it has a 2GB memory which can roughly house more than 1000 different predator sounds. It includes a unique function known as Expert hunt which comes down to six unique varieties.


Has Expert hunt function and innovative techs created to provide superior versatility, functionality, and convenience of the area.
Filled with excellent sound system along with two cone speakers, one horn speaker, 200-yard distance remote, and 25-watt amperes.
Has 75 unique sounds of animals which are organized that can be increased as much as 1000 with its two gigabytes memory.


Expensive for those on a budget.A bit heavier compared to other coyote electronic calls.

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2. ICOTEC GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

ICOTEC GC300 Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

ICOtec GC300 game caller is among the sturdiest that you can buy. Apart from this, it is not hard to handle for even beginners, and it is loud from very far.

Its price tag is reasonable. Therefore, it is a good one for all kinds of predator hunters. You may also use it to turn on the provided decoy, which will improve your odds of drawing in coyotes.

It is an easy to use model since you can start using it with the press of a switch. It means you will not need to remember complete number sequences like you perform for other similar products.

The file starts to play once pushing the switch, plus it automatically reboots 30 seconds following it has completed the vocalizations.

Among the functions provided by this best coyote call, the 300-yard range for your remote controller is probably the best, as you can do it without a visible line of sight.

Its speaker jack is excellent as well because it could emit loud volumes. All things are operated by buttons, as well as you have got a convenient to carry personal unit.

The 12 built-in calls contain many growls from adult bobcats and coyotes yelps from a male and female coyote, small critters, coyote pup yelps, and numerous preys in distress that can test their territory.

All of it works with four AA batteries. However, because these are not included, you will need to buy them individually. The battery for your remote control is contained in the box, plus the one-year warranty adds as a bonus to make it even better.


It works well as well as comes at a realistic price tag.It functions under any adverse conditions including cold weather, snow, rain etc.You can call in several animals inside the first few hours of use.


It may not be noisy for you.

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3. FOXPRO Inferno Electronic Game Call

FOXPRO Inferno Electronic Game Call

FOXPRO Inferno is an electronic call that provides you the advantages of today’s technology inside a lightweight, yet versatile package.

That is because it includes 75 predator calls, meaning you will have lots of choices to attract the coyotes as well as make them observe you.

These FoxPro calls are top-notch, and their audio is realistic, plus you can add around 200 sounds overall.

As it weighs only eight pounds, carrying it will not pose any problems, because of its increased mobility. Also, because it can be easily activated and also used with a remote from the very far, you can move around freely.

Therefore, that the predators do not pick up the human smell. The embedded horn speaker system is efficient and very loud and can express the vocalizations completely.

You also have a couple of preset audio options, as well as you can adjust their volume based on your needs. The speaker jack is placed together with an auxiliary jack in order to use as a decoy if you wish to hunt the predators unexpectedly.

You can effortlessly program this coyote predator call through USP port, that shows an exceptional style. This function can be noted within an exquisite design as the ABS housing is lightweight, immune to damage, and strong.

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4. Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call

It is one of the compact and lightweight Primos coyote calls, you can carry together on your predator hunt. At a reasonable price, you will get some fundamental features such as the provided growls of numerous predators that could be perceived as a risk by coyotes.

A few of those are male coyotes, foxes or perhaps other foxes. Overall, you can find 12 unique vocalizations provided by this best predator caller.

One of many best things regarding this electronic caller is long range distance that reaches around 150 yards, that means you do not necessarily call for a clear sight of the line.

However, the feature we love a lot is being able to play multiple sounds at the same time, giving it more realistic sense and upping your likelihood of setting up a kill.

Moreover, it is very simple to use this product. You do not have to worry much regarding the chance of it having jammed in the game or your technological skills since it is button-controlled. Therefore, this model works for beginners, and veteran hunters.

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5. Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Packed with around four pre-programmed professional calling sequences as well as 36 different audio, this best predator call for the money offers you the opportunity to be at the finest with all your calls.

It is created with an amp horn speaker (25-watt) that is made to be far-reaching together with frequencies which are realistic. The turning speaker delivers maximum audio projection over almost any territory. All the different audio are sorted by species, like a fox, coyote, deer, bobcat, and so on.

This best predator call includes an audio library which allows you to add sounds. You could store an impressive 500 unique sounds, as well as it could be connected to the USB port. The remote control is easy to use, it could be handled with one hand as well as it reaches around 150 feet.

For optimum privacy, this product includes a camouflage Max-1 Real-tree case, and re-programmable buttons. Therefore, you can access your favorite ones effortlessly. This model is considered among the best concerning how it works in the breeze too.

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If you are seeking to increase the finesse and control to hunt, think about using a mouth caller instead. There are some top reasons to select mouth callers over electronic predator calls.

Not just are they an excellent deal. However, the accomplishment feeling that you receive from hunting a coyote using your mouth caller is a good experience.

Here is the popular mouth call for both advanced and beginner hunters:

Johnny Stewart Premium Mouth Call by Hunter Specialties

Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call

This top coyote mouth call is inexpensive, versatile, and compact. It is a good coyote caller for the standard hunter who does not wish to work with electronic devices.

You can utilize it to mimic different voices, such as yelps, distressed sounds, and howls. Probably the significant selling factors to this product are which you could take it for some hunts.

Numerous hunters have implemented it successfully to their bear hunts, fox, and bobcat too. It enables you to conserve pocket room by reduction of coyote calls which you carry each trip.

If you are searching for an excellent product that weighs only three pounds, it is the mouth caller for you personally.

It has been built to match the demands of veteran hunters, while designed in a manner that is straightforward for users who are freshers to the game. You will find that some other mouth callers are as simple to use as the Johnny Stewart mouth call.

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Electric vs Mouth Calls

Mouth-blown calls are quick to move, lightweight, and small. Most even fit into pocket.Mouth calls are a portion of the cost of electronic predator hunting calls.An electronic call is more flexible and replicate several sounds which one mouth call cannot make.Electronic calls sound realistic plus are more appropriate for breezy conditions.

Having said that, there is no solution to honestly point out what is the top electronic predator call reviews. Mouth and electronic calls have lots of advantages and disadvantages, and it depends mainly on your style of hunting.

In case, you are somebody who does not enjoy being stuck down with bulky, big device while you move via your hunting spot, then possibly a mouth caller is the best option. Multiple well-designed mouth calls can replicate enough predator sounds to draw out close by coyotes.

On the flip side, electronic coyote calls for sale are ideal for the today’s hunter who does not care about the use and needs a dependable call always. Electronic calls will every time deliver you the audio that you demand, irrespective of your methods.

If you are somebody, who could not be bothered regarding the coyote hunting sporting aspect as well as simply needs to lure away close by howlers who have been harassing animals, consider about electronic.

Best Coyote Call: A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

Hunting down coyotes could be a hard task based on hunting territory. If you are hunting down coyotes within a large, open ground that is somewhat quiet, you should not have much problem hunting one.

Nevertheless, if you are shooting in a wooded field that has witnessed a decent volume of hunting session, luring out a predator could be hard work. Coyotes are smart animals which can feel danger, hooking on quickly to close by hunters.

Due to this, you may have a tough session luring coyotes in places which have been overused. They by nature are, skittish predators that are likely to remain hidden compared to run over an easy prey.

However, luckily, including the top coyote call in your hunting backpack is an excellent mean to attract close by howlers.

Searching for the Right Coyote Hunting Calls

coyote hunting calls

Like all the things within the hunting field, there is heated argument over what creates the best call for coyotes in the marketplace. Apparently, few hunters have agreed, the art of choosing the correct call boils down to personal preference and style.

Thankfully, there are many predator game calls out there. Therefore, finding the best one should not be hard. There are multiple kinds of coyote callers that you can buy: manual calls and electronic calls.

You will notice that mouth calls, or manual calls, are well-liked by the purists – the hunters who persist on doing hunting just how their family did in the past.

Therefore, it should not be a shock that traditional hunters who favor the coyote hand or manual call do not like using electronic calls, that they describe as cheating.

Functionality or Skill?

best coyote callers

There is no denying which the standard hand call requires a lot of expertise to use. Due to this, you have first to decide how important functionality and skill are for you.

Do you need to master the coyote calling art, or perhaps do you desire a useful device that can perform everything you require?

Numerous technical developments have been produced in the field of electronic predator calls.

You could select from a range of different audio, including yelps, distress calls, and even howls. You can also queue up many sounds, making sure that your caller makes your desired noise sequences.

Be Intelligent While Calling for Coyotes

Hunters often count on many different calls to draw in close by coyotes. Together with coyote call sounds, these kinds of callers can be common animal sounds such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

The goal of this audio is to entice coyotes which are seeking for a quick meal. Sadly, coyotes are smart predators. It will not take very long for coyotes to note that they are dying while they follow these sounds.

It is the reason why it is essential to cycle at random through various kinds of game sounds. In case, you use the exact sound regularly; you will taste little success pulling out a starving coyote.

Most significant advantages that electronic game calls possess over manual coyote callers is the audio variations. In case, you are hunting using hand calls as well as your desire to use various predator sounds to lure out a smart coyote; you will have to take different kinds of calls at your disposal all the time.

Using the best electronic predator call, you can have all these audio on one useful product.

Tips for Smart Coyote Calling

Coyote hunting tips

Keep in mind; coyotes had their history of being clever for a purpose – they catch quickly when something is not correct. Ensure that you make coyotes do guesswork on their mind by mixing your vocalizations. Do not follow any particular pattern, plus never use just distress calls.

Visualize your calling noises as a fictional tackle box. While you go sports fishing, you usually do not go with just one lure type. An excellent fisherman has a lure regarding almost any scenario.

Hunting coyote is no separate in this concern. Your objective is not just to be not predictable. However, to trick closely coyote animals into thinking which calls are arriving from several howlers.

While attracting coyotes, do not try to confuse things by getting overly complicated. Coyotes have between ten to 13 noises that they employ to convey with one another. Explore all these sounds and make a method to combine them up.

Change between yelps or whines for nearby and noisy howls for long distance. Always be watchful while howling, because coyotes often investigate the howls source.

Three Kinds of Calls to Utilize

Here are a few different kinds of sounds which you can make use of on a hunt:

1. Prey in Distress (Coyote Calling Videos)

It is a primary function of most electronic coyote calls. Coyote animals have an urge for food and will leap at the chance to consume an injured prey.Expert Coyote Calling Tips

Consider including the audio of cat, foxes, and even fawns to pull them out.

2. Yelps

Play on the predator’s instincts by utilizing the yelping puppies sound.

Coyote in nature

Think about using this sort of call two to three times back to back, somewhat raising the volume along with every call.

3. A Threatening Howl

In case, you are sure that you are hunting at a pack’s terrain, giving out a threatening howl could be an ideal method to draw out intense coyotes.Coyote sounds

In case, you often hunt within the exact area; you may seek to observe where howls are arriving from to decide where is their den. The majority of coyotes gather on the most remote locations.

Consider the Below Factors Before Buying a Caller

If you are interested in utilizing a mouth call for whatever purpose, it is essential for one to realize that you will have to put enough practice to employ it correctly. It applies in particular in case you are somebody who is new to mouth calls.

Do not just purchase the first mouth-blown caller which you find with a good review. Perform some research after that buy. You may need to buy more than a single one before finding the call that is best for you.

In case, you decide to stick to electronic, have a backup mouth-blown call in your fanny pack along with you while hunting.

There is nothing much frustrating compared to watching electronic caller fail due to faulty electronics or battery failure. By owning an alternate, you could salvage hunt suppose something is going not as planned.

The greatest coyote call does not rely on a manufacturer, or if it is manual or electronic. It relies on how one use it. After you understand how to use a caller productively, you should find out that hunting coyote can be a thrilling game to engage.

The Verdict

electronic game calls

We have introduced to you the top five of the best electronic predator calls available on the marketplace today. After taking a look at all them in-depth, each one has real functions and can all work well for beginning or experienced hunters alike.

In general, we would need to pick the Primos Alpha Dogg Call as the top electronic caller for its versatility and many features, although it is the most expensive and largest call on our list.

Regarding a small choice, we would pick the ICOTEC GC300 or FoxPro Inferno, as either come highly ranked from coyote hunters. Having said that, you can notice we are a bit biased towards coyote electronic units.

That is because we think these products offer more benefits, even if a few conventional hunters view them like tricks. However, we like tricks. We like anything which proves reliable, durable, and efficient.

Therefore, what is your say on it? Would you instead buy a handheld caller or an electronic? In case you are to select one best coyote call from the list we have reviewed, what could it be. Tell us, via our contact us page.

  • Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call        
  • ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call        
  • FOXPRO Inferno Electronic Game Call        
  • Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call        
  • Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call        

Summary: Did you find this best coyote call guide useful? Post your ratings and comments below.

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