Best Hunting GPS – Top 5 Models

Have you found yourself confronted with the job of navigating new and vast regions of unfamiliar terrain looking for a game such as an elk, duck, or deer? Taking a stride in the wilderness could be more prepared than you believe.

Just imagine there is nothing more frightening than having lost in the outdoors. Admit it. Obviously, getting back is the final thing in your thoughts. But how? Great news you possess the best hunting GPS, don’t you? You bet!

And guess what? Lock in the coordinates, never go missing, and you can check out all the new spots you may find knowing there is usually a route back!

After the reviews, you will also find out how to select the best handheld GPS for hunting currently available. However, that is not all; continue reading.

Hunting GPS Comparison

Hunting GPS NameScreen SizeBattery LifeBuilt-in MemoryCheck on Amazon
Garmin GPSMAP 64st2.6″16 hours8GBCheck Best Price
Garmin Oregon 650t3″16 hours4GBCheck Best Price
Garmin eTrex 102.2″20 hoursNoCheck Best Price
Garmin Foretrex 401100 x 64 pixels17 hoursNoCheck Best Price
Bushnell BackTrack Original G25″20 hours3 (Location Memory)Check Best Price

Top 5 Hunting GPS Reviews

We have evaluated some of whatever we believe are the top devices below to give you some idea as you look through all of the options.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Garmin GPSMAP 64st


  • Colorful display
  • It is accurate and effortless to use
  • Built-in maps


  • The buttons are not everybody’s first choice
  • Short battery duration

It has a few excellent features which make the Garmin 64st among the top hunting GPS models available. Overall, it is a compact and lightweight partner for your upcoming hunting trip. (Click Here Expand Full Review)

The Garmin GPSMAP is a feature-rich yet compact GPS unit. The 2.6-inch display is readable and bright in the sunshine. It handles very well on all kinds of climate and precision is at 10 feet.

It includes many different base maps in unboxing. You may add more to it as you need. Also, the device sold with 250k geocaches thus you can delight in some hunting to get treasures, as well. For those occasions when you ought to go low-profile, you can make use of the 3-axis electronic compass and switch off your GPS navigation.

With 8GB memory, you could very well save lots of paths and tag your spots. Also, there is a port for any microSD cards for increased memory. This small device also provides you with the choice to receive and send data by using your smartphone.

This version does not have a touch screen yet have hand handles to run the GPS controls. While the 160×240 pixel 2.6” display will not win prizes for contrast or clarity, it is incredibly battery efficient. In case, you are the sort who loves to document the outdoor activities it enables you to make waypoints and then add notes.

Check Best Price on Amazon

Garmin Oregon 650t

Garmin Oregon 650t Handheld GPS


  • 4GB memory
  • Color display
  • Programmable camera


  • Expensive still worth the price considering features
  • Limited battery life but can carry spare batteries to change

Overall, it is among the highest-rated Garmin GPS models available. Wherever you wish to go, be aware this Garmin Oregon 650, can lead you from rain, shine, dust, dirt, cold, and humidity. (Click Here Expand Full Review)

If you need a handheld tracker that is touchscreen, the Garmin Oregon 650t is a good choice. This small GPS device has a gorgeous display that is very visible in the brightest of sunlight. The display screen is extremely reactive, and the user interface is easy to use.

The screen is not just colorful but 3 dimensional too. You can operate the touchscreen wearing gloves; this ability required for a hunt in colder environments. Most importantly, this device water resistant, and sturdy, and it should store 1000s of geocaches plus has the choice to save filter data for potential geocaching.

It has an 8MP camera and maps for hunting, mountain hiking, and camping. The 16-hour life of the battery will ensure it will stay with you the whole day. Also, it features a rechargeable pack of battery.

Dual-band GLONASS/GPS guarantees you will almost always understand where you stand and make more accurate maps to discover your route back. It incorporates over 100k topographical map packs of the United States. These maps let you rotate and zoom out, and in the charts hence you can communicate with them.

There is not any live tracking in the unit itself, yet it does feature Bluetooth thus you can connect it to your mobile phone. Also, you can share images online through the latest Garmin Adventures program service. It arrives with a carabiner clip and AC adapter for convenience.

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Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10 GPS Navigator


  • Easy to read in most light
  • Longer battery life
  • Many maps


  • Small display
  • Not suitable for custom maps

If you got a tight budget and aren’t the most skilled at mapping the whereabouts, this eTrex 10 GPS unit is ideal for you. (Click Here Expand Full Review)

Garmin eTrex 10 is a lightweight, sturdy GPS companion. You will like the quality of the color display and is small enough to slide into your purse or pocket. It has GLONASS and GPS services for a higher level of precision.

This small, rugged device is watertight to IPX7 standards. Like other Garmin models, it can get submerged and should take a drop or maybe more without much problem. Two AA size batteries will keep the device over for around 20 hours, offering you longer lasting GPS that will not quit.

Also, the GPS facilitates paperless geocaching; therefore, you can save and fix any place in the world on the run. A global base map enables you to use it anyplace your journeys take you straight out of the ordinary. Also, this model carries a pre-installed 1:100,000 level topographic map, for making your trip smoother and brighter.

As you start the journey, you could track your actions so you may discover your route back or make the same way a different time. It can monitor 50 trails and set 10k points. Download maps, plan routes, add the maps and start your next adventure.

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Garmin Foretrex 401

Garmin Foretrex 401 Hiking GPS


  • Longer battery life
  • Straightforward operation
  • Accurate and small


  • Small display
  • No colorful screen

With the Garmin’s Foretrex 401, you have entry to various GPS features in the flip of your wrist. (Click Here Expand Full Review)

In case, you are searching for a hands-free handheld unit; the Garmin Foretrex 401 gets the work done correctly. It is efficient, sleek, and simple. Garmin boasts it has got near-perfect satellite reception also in remote areas, valleys, and thick shrub cover. The LCD is text readable despite its tiny size.

It comes with the choice to put it on like a watch on your hand to provide you an accurate readout wherever on this planet. It is water-resistant up to 1m in depth as well as it does feature a USB slot for loading your maps. It comes with even a nifty fishing and hunting calendar for off and on seasons.

With a battery life of about 17 hours, you do not need to put an end to your expedition. The GPS can passively observe your way as you move and then you can trigger the “TracBack” function to retrace the steps. You will get found in even canyons and thick foliage.

Once you finished, save your routes, tracks, and waypoints to your Mac and PC using a USB cable. Also, you can attach the GPS wirelessly to a bike mount, cadence sensor, or like a heart monitor.

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Bushnell BackTrack Original G2 GPS

Bushnell BackTrack Original G2 GPS


  • Cheaply priced
  • Simple to operate
  • Light and portable


  • Display is small
  • You can store only 3 locations in the tool

If you do not need the secondary features; that most hunting GPS offer then this will get the job done for you flawlessly. (Click Here Expand Full Review)

Bushnell is a company that happens to cater the want for a helpful, practical, and straightforward hunting GPS system. The Bushnell BackTrack is somewhat unique from the various other GPS units.

It is a primary 2-button device that performs one task flawlessly. You will find how distant and in which direction your destination is out of any area. What is shocking about this product is due to its size, you quickly can put it in your purse or pocket.

This palm-sized GPS is lightweight and small. It is also waterproof. Therefore, it can withstand a bit of rainfall. With merely 2 AA batteries one can get enough energy for a whole 7 days of hunting outings.

With a single click, you shall set a site which the system then trails and brings you back. It is a simple idea that is all you want on the hunting GPS.

Also, it permits you to save around 3 individual locations like the hunting blind, hunting camp, or the car. Not as much like the other models, but it is okay for shorter trips and when you are not searching to store several maps into it.

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Hunting GPS Buyer’s Guide

garmin hunting gps

Why GPS Devices are Superior Option?

There are various reasons why, being a hunter, one should use the cash on the best hunting GPS. You may tempt to cling to your iPhone’s and Android as you are already taking it almost everywhere. When you review to go through all types of land, you should go there along with the hunting GPS and so keep your mobile phone along safely.

All handheld GPS for hunting has advantages over say; your conventional ways of traveling for instance a compass and map or mobile phone with precise apps (compass, GPS, location, maps, etc.) for below reasons:

  • You do not need to count on using a cellular transmission to use the units features. It can become a huge deal if you are away in the heart of nowhere.
  • Most GPS products do not possess the same graphics quality as smartphones, yet they have become better over time with maps and touch screens that go with you.
  • In most situations are rechargeable, or you can change replacements on the fly.
  • A typical compass is okay, but the point a GPS includes a compass does not is the all in one feature. Whereby compasses have one ability and one purpose.
  • Using regular maps may limit in range. You can utilize them if perhaps you have got a sunlight or flashlight, or they might get outdated or damaged. Therefore, having the digital map in your GPS makes a lot more sense, apart from being the most recent version.
  • They have longer battery lives.
  • They connected to satellite overheads.

How to Choose the best hunting GPS?

choosing your handheld gps for hunting


Maps might come pre-loaded in your unit. It helps you decide the smartest way to reach and out of that game trail from the field. Your GPS also should have enough storage memory for the maps.

The maps consist of more information to turn it much easier to locate landmarks and to read. Also, it is helpful to look at what is around you if you determine you ought to go once inside the field.

Most GPS models have a pretty useless and, honestly, poor-quality base map. If it does not come with an integrated mapping, then check into devices which let you set up mapping software you can find easily online. A few GPS models provide a substantial amount of maps compared to others, though most of them restricted for usage in the Canada and USA.

Fortunately, increasingly more GPS companies today supply free base maps for a lifetime with specific models or aftermarket downloads of maps. The disadvantage of employing this free map is making use of them can become less comfortable compared to those offered by brands. You will need to navigate the way over them.

At the least, you will need decent topographic maps. Regardless of you wish to order maps through the producer or not, one needs to upgrade the charts frequently.


Think about what you are considering for the handheld GPS because it should influence what weight you would get comfortable. The more compact the unit, the less bulky the device and the smaller sized the display, and vice-versa.

The weight concerns; you do not desire to feel like if you carry a brick in your pocket or purse. Light in weight GPS is a breeze to transport, yet the bulkier ones seem durable and often more robust. Your weight target will depend on your activities.

Buttons or Touch Screen?

It is not unusual to find handhelds having buttons, yet the modern ones operate on the touch display. Buttons are perfect for people that have to navigate fast between screens as well as are best for use in all sorts of climate. While both kinds are up to the job, it is hugely a personal choice.

Touch screen units commonly have larger displays, as there is no demand to make space for physical control keys on the device. However, touch displays can get more hard to use while wearing gloves, in cold weather, or rain.

Newer models often have more prominent displays and much-improved readability than a few of the old versions. They are suitable for viewing yet they drain batteries quickly. The overall product will get bulkier and huge than smaller sized screen units.

Wireless Capability

Modern devices should have either a wireless capability or should have a small USB port. They can utilize Bluetooth technology to share waypoints, routes, data, and more along with each other.

Also, this type of tech enables you to synchronize the GPS system with your cell phone, making it simple to receive call alerts and messages without even needing to reach to your phone.


At the least, you need a GPS which links to 12 different satellitesThough, twice it is the best scenario.

It might take as much as 20 seconds when the unit gets linked to below 12 satellites. Lower than that you could look at near to 60 seconds, which isn’t a good figure.


You want the GPS device to have the internal space and the ability to add an SD memory card.

The best GPS for hunting need to include at the very least 24MB to function correctly. A few can contain nearly 1.7GB as pre-built memory ability. It is excellent with regards to loading detailed maps along with enough detail to show changes at depths.

In case, you are merely using your GPS for base maps, then much less memory needed for practical usage. If you select a device which shoots videos or photos, it is an excellent concept to spend on the memory chip or to buy a GPS having plenty of memory.

Proximity Alarm

You will find this function in the latest editions of GPS devices. It essentially lets you select a point in the map, decide a radius, then if you get into that range, you will hear an alert. It is helpful for hunters that understand where other blinds/stands located.

Screen Size

When picking a hunting GPS, take into account the sizing of the product you are getting. You need a screen that is bright, simple to read, and big. They are typically light and small enough to slip in a backpack or pocket with ease.

Units with original features often are more portable. We believe it is simple to explain the larger dimension of some modern GPS units as it is a little rise in sizing for a massive improvement in function and features.

Electronic Compass

GPS units make use of equations to determine where you, where you are heading, and how quickly. Particularly for accurate orienteering, navigation, or geocaching you will want to ensure your GPS has an integrated electronic compass. You will not find this ability in every single unit, and you might not even want them.

GPS products are usually just can show direction when you are moving. Nevertheless, you can obtain one that includes an internal compass too and show path even when you are not going. However, some still favor working with both the differential compass and the GPS unit.

3-Axis electronic compass is the unique kind of compass which understands which way you are facing even when standing still. Also, it stays accurate even when you are not holding your GPS flat. You will need to keep your GPS 100 percent flat as a paper piece to have a 2-axis based compass to function correctly and trust us it is annoying.

Battery Life

If you are out in the wilderness, the final thing you need is your batteries dying. They are perhaps among essential features of an excellent hunting GPS. Majority of the devices are chargeable, yet there are a few that yet use standard battery packs you buy at the shop.

Battery life could vary based on the product you are looking and how long you utilize it. Of course, longer preferred. A GPS unit has a battery lifespan which extends more than 12 hours.

However, in the outdoors charging the GPS can get harder. Today you could get batteries to charge your gadgets on the move entirely. All you require is a charger and a solar panel, and you are all set.

It is always a risk when the GPS has internal batteries since if they drain out of power in the trial, you are out of the option. Carrying one or two spare batteries does not weigh much plus can offer you numerous days of regular GPS use.

Some other things to determine, and think about if you need them, consist of:

  • Accessories
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Geocache Options
  • Photo Viewer
  • Reception & Radio Capability
  • Waterproof
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
  • Warranty


It is simple to get caught in the buzz of buying newer products. In fact; after all, every single GPS in the industry has ups and downs. Decide what features mean to you then you will become happy with whatever choice on this list of hunting cell units.

As you could observe; Garmin brand produces our top 4 choices. We considered some other companies, for example, Magellan yet concerning handheld GPS for hunting, nothing comes close to the items put out by them.

We wish this buyer’s guide were useful for finding out the best hunting GPS to suit your requirements. If you need to suggest a product we did not list, Let us know in the comment box below. Also, if you liked our article then do not miss to social share it.

Be safe and have fun out there!

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