Best Hunting Knife – Top 5 Reviews

So, you are looking for the best hunting knife in the world? Have a look at this guide on the top hunting knives with everything you need to know before getting the best knife for hunting.

If you have spent time hunting, you understand how important an excellent hunting knife.

If you are in a scenario that needed you to hold a right blade on hand, could you have arrive geared up? What if the certain scene had something related to dressing a deer, cutting rope, or cleaning a fish? Would you have a knife on hand?

There is nothing more irritating than not taking the proper survival and tactical gear while camping or hunting.

In case, you are experiencing problems with such cheap hunting knives for sale, here is the lovely update for you!

You will find no “single” option for everybody. That is why you can see diversity in this review and list. Some choices get designed for hunters who are stalking particular prey, while some are for utility purposes. Whatever the situation is, once reading through this hunting knife reviews, you will know what helps make the finest solution moving ahead.

These best hunting knife brands should offer you a luxurious hunting experience! Simply take a peek below and have the cool hunting knives at the doorstep. So, look no further, scroll down!

Best Hunting Knives Comparison Chart

Knife NameBlade TypeBlade MaterialCheck on Amazon
Buck 110 Folding Hunter KnifeFolding420 HC SteelCheck Best Price
Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two-Piece SetStraight Edge440 Stainless SteelCheck Best Price
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade KnifeFixed1095 Cro-van SteelCheck Best Price
Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter KnifeFixedCPM-S30V SteelCheck Best Price
Gerber Air Ranger KnifeFoldingHigh Carbon StainlessCheck Best Price

Top 5 Best Hunting Knives Reviews

These some of the good hunting knives currently all have excellent qualities. It is up to the situation, needs, and preference to compare each blade and find one knife that will serve its function for your trips in the best way possible.

For putting together the top 5 picks, special interest given to specific characteristics, including handle, function, and construction. The five knives below are listed in no particular order, so ensure you compare each one plus explore it to your overall needs.

In the shortlist below, you will get introduced to some of the high-quality hunting knives right now which may simply become what you require.

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016-1 Knife Review

What I Liked

It has a solid leather sheath with pressure-fit function and strong guard to keep the knife safe all the time.

It contains a handle which provides good grip, made from Dymondwood that appears exquisite and adds to the hunting knife’s versatility.

It has S30V stainless steel knife blade made from the premium material which supplies it durability and pristine sharpness with more than 58-60 HRC.

What I Don’t Like

Some users did not like the knife sheath. It is expensive.

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It is among the top hunting knives on the market. The handle is made from Dymondwood, as well as it is waterproof to prevent slippage. You can find the durability of the handle is a spotlight in your fingers. While you examine knife, you will be excited by this Benchmade Hunting Knife.

The blade is created from CPM-S30V high-grade stainless steel, plus comes out razor-sharp. It is a small hunting knife in a compact shape, but what it lacks in sizing, it compensates in exact layout and design.

It is simple, small, and has the job finished in many ways. The blade just measures 2.67-inches, plus the complete length is at 6.32-inches.

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Review is no-nonsense. It is simple to ignore this option because it is not quite large hunting knife, but suppose you try it out for your upcoming trip; you will know it is a reliable option. It is strong, feels nice in the hands, and could get taken discreetly around any hunting adventure you may stumble.

The knife has been created to last for many years and comes with a company warranty to provide you satisfaction. The custom blade is not a slouch compared to other best budget knives. You will find despite the dimension; you can cut with style and precision. Handling this blade is a positive.

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set Review

What I Liked

It provides easy and comfortable usage via its handle having grooves for enough grip.

Made from the highest material quality and underwent special forging techniques to create razor-sharp, lustrous 2.5 inches carbon blade.

It is extremely durable and sharp hunting and Skinner knife which has outstanding edge retention.

What I Don’t Like

It might not be the top option for novice and beginner hunters. It is high-priced.

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The kit includes two blades, as both versions have a particular set of uses. They are both full tang, along with blades which can hold its edge very well. In case, you are the kind that would rather have tools focused on specific jobs, these knives set can do miracles for you.

One blade is a skinning/hunting knife having a trailing edge point, as the second one features a larger curve and width, drop point, and a gut hook. This 7.25 inches long knife, together with 2.5 inches of the knife blade, is used like a Skinner due to its razor-sharp blades. However, it is flexible enough to use for other functions too.

Its flexibility is outstanding plus its carbon blade material guarantees its razor-sharp trait stays genuine for the future. This Skinner hunting knife is raved by many hunters globally for its top-of-the-line beauty and design with its unmatched performance on your field. It has a top-of-the-line handle that is a masterpiece that not just brings durability, but exceptional grip along with its lines making it simpler to manage and use.

This top-performing knife is phenomenal, but, it most favored by professional and experienced hunters instead of novices and beginners. You may be unhappy with the method the sheath cover made, but this kit is yet worth testing out. It is perfect for skinning deer animal. It has indeed been praised by several hunters as probably the sharpest hunting knife available on the market right now, otherwise the sharpest.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

What I Liked

It looks right to the blade point in which it can be regarded as essential to obtain for collectors, hunters, and users.

It has powerful cutting ability backed up with its handle made from Zytel that is sturdy and includes a solid grip which makes it simple to use and control.

It has extremely thick, razor-sharp blade that is about 5.5-inches in length as well as made from 1095 cro-van stainless steel.

What I Don’t Like

The sheath may use changes in materials utilized.

It is somewhat heavier compared to other blades.

It is a bit expensive but worth trying out.

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First thing shines about the Becker BK2 Campanion by Ka-Bar is the simple look. It is a smooth looking blade, and it is all black color. It comes backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty, so you could rest assured you are buying a quality blade.

The 5.5-inch knife is robust and made of 1095 cro-van stainless steel. You can buy a perfect angle for slicing, and you will find it is intended for quick use within utility at the house or on the field. The full length of it is 10.5-inches long, plus the parts are high-quality.

It has some drawbacks that users mention, but all around, it is a sharp, sturdy knife that seems incredible, and can assist you to do lots of things within the area. The warranty might be restricted, but having a quality design, sharp edge, and durable blade you cannot fail with this model.

The weight, the appearance of the build, the blade’s thickness all come down to offer you a feeling of the function while hunting. It has a bit of weight into it. It’s 1.5 pounds, so you will feel it while you are utilizing it for many reasons.

Customers noted the sheath part is not as ideal as they would like. It is a nylon one and does nice enough, but it’s not as heavy-duty as you would assume considering the feel and look of the blade.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Knife Review

What I Liked

3-3/4-inch stainless steel clip blade intended for detailed and elegant work.

It is foldable having a nail-notch lock system that is simple to close and open during activity plus safe to transport as it could get folded.

The knife’s handle that is a polished, natural grained wood material handle with polished, thick, and durable bolsters.

What I Don’t Like

It is somewhat dangerous when opening because it opens up with uncontrollable pace and with pressure.

Very difficult to wash as blood clogs up in the corners of the knife handle as well as in the location where the knife rests.

It has moving parts. Therefore, it can get rusted.

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Probably the most familiar name in the knife-making business is the Buck company. It is a formidable candidate for the best hunting knife for several reasons. It is only 7 pounds, and you will get amazed by how quickly you can use it and open it up. It includes a 3.75-inch steel chip 420HC blade.

The overall weight of it will impress you since you will notice it is way lighter compared to other hunting knives currently. Placing in your vest, bag, or pocket is quick. When closed, it is just 4 7/8-inches long. If that is not sufficient, consider Buck provides a lifetime company warranty for this model, offering you satisfaction in case of something not as planned happened.

There is an “old school” feel which comes with it, and you will no doubt notice the knife’s precision quality itself as you buy it. A primary reason why the Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife may look familiar is since it has sustained more than fifty years of style quality.

Buck hunting knives has seen tremendous appeal and growth because of the construction of every part they put. The brand first launched this version in the 1960’s, plus it is a favorite worldwide.

The blade is useful, that is for certain, as it easily folds out, as well as is pretty sharp. The knife’s handle is polished, as well as made from Dymondwood, having a grain coating that appears natural. It is not merely for hunting purposes, as users have mentioned in customer reviews. Users note the flexibility of this blade for everyday tasks and on the ground. It is combined with a leather material sheath, arrives sharp, and could get locked in itself. It shares similar characteristics of the Buck Omni Hunter Knife as well.

Gerber Air Ranger Knife

Gerber Air Ranger Knife Review

What I Liked

Quick to open using thumb-stud function and secure to store and carry using its pocket clip built from stainless steel material.

It has a serrated and highly-sharpened edge created for seamless and superior cutting. It provides easy use with the aid of its solid grip which has checkered, texture, and non-slip attribute.

It constructed with high carbon, stainless steel blade which guarantees superior sharpness, durability, and toughness.

What I Don’t Like

Some people had a difficult time sharpening the blade. It is somewhat pricey.

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This Air Ranger Knife is among the best options for many hunters now and along with its overall performance, handle, and stellar blade, there is no mystery it has been able to receive plenty of reputation and attention.

It is extremely secure to transport and hold with its reliable and durable pocket clip created from stainless steel.

You can easily open it with simply one hand using its thumb-stud style.

For easy use of the item, it has incorporated a solid grip that delivers non-slip ability together with textured and checkered characteristic, which you will surely like.

Undoubtedly, this excellent hunting knife can redefine the means you camp and hunt.

Its blade guarantees awe-inspiring razor-sharpness and smooth slicing through the assistance of its edge that is serrated to excellence.

It has a high-quality, high carbon stainless steel blade which provides superb durability and extreme toughness which is what you require to cut your prey as well as do other works with it too.

This is an Alert Despite having many reviews & ratings from the people, we did not feature any hunting knives from Cutco, Case, Winchester, Browning, Kershaw, Maxam, Schrade, SOG, Cold Steel, and Puma brands in this guide. Also, we excluded Japanese, German personalized, engraved, vintage, bone handle, antique, some American and western, Buck 119, and hog hunting knives. The reason is to keep this list short and sweet and review only the best of the best. However, the final choice is on your table.

What is a Hunting Knife Used For?

The hunting knives use differs from model to model. Various hunting blades can perform various tasks apart from the job they created. Identifying these jobs is a talent of a wise hunter. They are not just utilized for hunting purposes, but used for various applications based on the structure and design of the blade.

A few knives could get used like everyday use ones thus a hunter could save room by not carrying any cutlery together with him. Overall, what a blade can get utilized for relies on factors such as its sharpness, size, and material. Watch how to make a hunting knife by clicking here.

Should I Buy a Folding Knife or a Fixed Blade Knife?

Among the early decisions, you should need to take whether or not to choose a folding hunting knife or a fixed blade hunting knife. Users that prefer folding blade will love the strength and portability that arrives with it. However, several professional hunters prefer a fixed blade since it should stay put, plus there is no problems and accidents.

Both got their advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a peek at some of these below.

Folding Hunting Knives

These are blades that close and open with a lock mechanism. These are attractive for everyday hunting purposes since they are safe feeling and familiar. It is versatile, could be put in a pocket, sock, and at times are suited for transport.

The drawbacks of a folding style are that they are tougher to wash. There are moving parts of a hunting knife plus crevices which need to get cleaned regularly.

Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

It is much sturdy as it does not contain any moving components and is simple to clean in contrast to the folding knife. It comes with less upkeep compared to folders. Fixed blade options are powerful compared to folding blade options, plus can endure heavy-duty task.

These are more stable and reliable due to its simple layout. These have the benefit of being all set for usage right from the sheath. It makes a few users feel uncomfortable since they are not as secure as folding knife during transportation. The problem with owning a fixed blade is these are not as simple to conceal like a folding blade.

In case, you do not want a heavy-duty knife and require something easier to hold and smaller, in that case, a folding blade is the best option. In case, you need a heavy-duty knife, in that case, a fixed blade is the best choice.

Preference is what concerns for types of hunting knives since one is going to attract a particular group over other alternatives, easy as that.

How Does it Feel?

The knife’s handle will play a big part in its ease and effectiveness in handling when in the area which is important if you need to have a handy companion. Grip concerns most. The proper grip you have will decide if you can work and cut through whatever you are handling.

You should search for something which is slip proof and does not have a lot of added-value features within the handle. A handle must not be too big, or too little, based on the intent the blade is being obtained.

Folding blades might not always offer you a perfect handle, but its flexibility is what users search for regarding that style point. Fixed blade choices have a heavy handle and ergonomically created. They’re of a better quality all round, without a doubt.

What Does Different Blade Design Mean?

You will find many hunting knife blade designs like Bowie Hunting Knife and each has its pros and cons. We will look into the most common designs employed in the best hunting knives and allow you determine what one you prefer the most.

Clip Point

This design is excellent for doing work in tight places while creating puncture holes and for processing an animal. It made for more fine, quicker cuts. It features a much sharper point and a crescent tip compared to those available on other blade designs. Nevertheless, it is not as powerful of a style like say for example a drop point blade.

Drop Point

The blade’s top on this style drops down to the point, and so the name. It is one of the most well-known edge design utilized on hunting blades right now. It is the best deer hunting knife blade point as it’s less inclined to by accident cut the deer’s hide using a drop point blade. It has a full belly to it which makes it an excellent option for heavier jobs. Also, it results in stronger and thicker point.

Spear Point

Spear point design is manageable for little cuts, but it is not the most famous option for serious hunters. It symmetrically lined up blade blank in which the blade’s edge go up and down in equal amount making a balanced knife.


It was a typical blade design brought by earlier frontiersmen. It contains broad, deep belly that helps it pass through dense layers when skinning a prey. The tip at a Skinner knife design is blunt which will keep it out of puncturing your hide when skinning.

Gut Hook

The final blade layout we could like to explain is not always a knife design on its own. More often than not it is put into another knife design. It is essential the gut hook point is sufficient to enable it to slice via a hide while not plugging up. This design lets it finish this task quickly without piercing its gut cavity. It used while opening a hunted animal.

Evaluate the point composition of a blade of the knife to make sure it will fulfill your requirements. It is because a few hunting knives currently are a combination of the clip, drop, spear, Skinner, and gut hook points. Watch how to sharpen a hunting knife by clicking here.

What is the Best Hunting Knife Blade Material?

Regarding blade material, you will find there are three necessary materials at the field. The first is carbon steel, second is stainless steel blades, and the third is Damascus.

Each has its benefits, drawbacks, and various hardness. What is superior? Well, that based on what the particular steel might be combined.

Plain Carbon Steel

It created by mixing a tiny bit of manganese with iron and carbon. The greater carbon element in a blade the simpler it’s to toss a spark using flint within the spine. Another benefit is these are the easiest to sharp.

It does not go dull quickly, and you could hone it suppose it is required. In case, you need a plain carbon knife blade in that case you will require to keep your knife oiled to avoid rust because these are the simplest material to begin corroding.

Stainless Steel

It is the biggest category for hunting knives. Many parts could put with stainless-steel. A few companies make use of iron, nickel, or carbon to even out. A stainless steel blade will hold the edge better compared to a carbon blade.

Most significant benefits of stainless-steel are its rust proof. That does not mean a stainless steel blade will not corrode, but it will take some critical neglect. The stainless steel’s disadvantages are you will find so many various stainless steels on the market as there’s a big difference in this material’s quality.

Another drawback in our view is they are tougher to sharpen compared to carbon blades. S30V regarded as among the finest stainless steels used for producing knives.

Damascus Steel

It made from folding two various steel types together again and again. The steel next is acidly etched supplying it a distinctive pattern and color contrast.

Due to this time-consuming method, Damascus hunting blades are costly and often only applied to custom knives.

These three options are certainly worth considering, but you will find the three choices have similar characteristics regarding hunting knives.


It’s not a simple task while you need to get something under $200, $100, or $50 which is completely ideal because such ones are challenging to discover. In case, you are searching for a perfect knife for the hunting trip, in that case, these top hunting knives will be your complete guide to getting an excellent blade of your choice.

Taking an informed decision is essential. The above guide will help you to have a good buy when it comes to hunting blades. You do not need to get caught in the wilderness without a sharp, good knife available for you.

There’s a lot to discover on this subject. However, the above must be sufficient to get through the good and the bad of selecting a good option for your upcoming expedition.

All in all, whether you are an experienced or beginner, you will find this guide and collection will help weigh down the area properly. Whether you are collecting, or you are using these outright, all these are going to assist you to realize which is the best hunting knife for the money. Hope you appreciated our best hunting knife reviews.

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