12 Coyote Hunting Tips for Beginners – Step by Step Guide

Coyotes are also called the prairie wolves or brush wolves. Coyote hunting is becoming hugely popular. The primary reason is a substantial rise in their inhabitants. However, it could get challenging, frustrating, and if you are fortunate, really rewarding.

It is a sports activity which has changed from as an off-season hobby done if you have nothing else essential to pursue a task that involves meeting targets, skill, and behavior for a few hunters.

In case, you are planning on to start with this type of hunting, ensure you consider the best coyote calls and proper calling techniques. Listed below are 12 coyote hunting tips and tricks when hunting prairie wolf for a successful experience.

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How to Hunt Coyotes in Just 12 Steps?

Step 1 – When Do You Hunt?

coyote sitting on the ground

coyote sitting on the ground

Before you even discuss a particular time to go coyote hunting, you first should select a season which suits you the most. Although you will find no season for hunting coyote, there are much better periods to get it done compared to others.

The best period to hunt a coyote is early winter or late fall. Once the deer hunting season finished, then you could follow the thrills of hunting simply by entering into brush wolf hunting.

Step 2 – How Do You Prepare for the Hunt?

veteran hunter with dog and rifle on the forest

veteran hunter with dog and rifle on the forest

There are various ways to get it done; we will talk about the best way to prepare for hunting coyotes.

  • Wash the clothes using a scent-less detergent, and store them sealed inside a container or bag before the hunt. Once you are dressed and in the hunt site, rub a scent remover generously to the clothing, blind or tree stand, hat, gear, and boots.
  • Also, food is crucial with snacks such as nuts and seeds being perfect. These high-calorie items keep your stamina up. Also, carry plenty of water.
  • Be sure the guns are tested and cleaned and have lots of ammunition available.
  • Ensure you have sufficient fuel for your vehicle. The most you should do is refill before getting into the hunting expedition.
  • Know about other predator hunters in your area, not only the ones within your team.
  • Carry a first aid kit, materials, and fire starter.
  • Have the stands prepared in advance, and set the lures or bait up before setting out. It will let time for the scent to disappear. You will not hear any howl sound to frighten away potential targets, plus it will give you extra time for the hunt.
  • Let somebody know you are heading for a hunting trip and where precisely you are going. It is just an essential thing which can rescue your life in case of emergency or dangerous situation.

Step 3 – Get Your Coyote Hunting Gear Ready

hunting gear

hunting gear

Gearing up to coyote hunting might seem hard. However, it is quite easy. As a novice, there is certain equipment that you should own.

Coyote Calls

There are 2 types of best coyote calls, which are electronic calls as well as the mouth calls.best coyote call

dead coyote killed by the predator call

With the ultra-modern electronic coyote call, the hands are free to create movements required to have a shot. In contrast, mouth calls are highly versatile, lighter, and cheaper.

Based on the track, you might need to do some research to find out the calls which suit you best.

Coyote Decoys

Because coyote is so cautious and smart, you might have trouble getting them come to the distress caller. These coyote decoys lure likely targets to the firing lanes and will give the more time you require to get the shot off.

The best period to make use of a decoy is during denning and mating season. In case, you are simply starting; you may want to avoid this technique, to slow down things a bit.

Coyote Shotguns and Rifles

All these coyote calling tips could help you attract coyotes, but then what? Obviously, you need to fire for killing. You will end up having an infinite number of firearms if you are to check out every single option, including the most advanced and latest models.

That is why you should have a rifle or a shotgun. A rifle is famous for shooting around longer distances, as well as a shotgun, is useful if coyotes come directly.

Camo & Concealment

We think it is important to hide against coyotes. Find perfect camouflage to make sure you quickly mix with the environment of hunting.

Pick lightweight suit which breaths and will not collect lots of debris (for example twigs and sticks). You can utilize an all-around camouflage, like trebark, camo skin, Realtree, and mossy oak.


You can perform coyote hunting at night without having optics. However, you can do far better with these as we did. You should get the best product you can discover on the market since you can find a huge difference between working optics and good ones.

Shooting Chair

With this gear, you will have the choice of sitting or standing to minimize fatigue plus prevents the legs from getting tired. Unless the climate is perfect, you might need a small chair or even some kind of padding thus you will not have to lay down on the snow or the wet terrain.

Some extra tools you might find useful are traps, scopes, and face masks.

Step 4 – Where Do You Hunt a Coyote?

coyote on the move

coyote on the move

There are lots of areas to hunt down coyotes. These are nighttime predators which hunt keenly at night time. They are seen to hunt during the day if there is a fewer conflict between coyotes and humans.

They found in several habitats such as subalpine forests, temperate rainforests, alpine meadows, and open ponderosa pine forests. Also, sagebrush-steppe, oak savannahs, woodlands, prairies, and deserts.

Step 5 – Make Sure to Look at Your State’s Rules

know the regulations

know the regulations

It is imperative you understand the “coyote hunting regulations” which apply to your state. Rules differ from state to state. Hence you ought to take some minutes to know the basics. Be up-to-date regarding the licensing requirements and laws in your location.

You may require a permit as well as you may get restricted for hunting at specific times during the year. A few states will grant night hunting, while others might not. Know what applies to you before the preparation.

People or property-owners having a printed permission from any proprietor might hunt coyotes on private land from snaring, trapping, or shooting without a DNR license. Nevertheless, an owner does not need a permit to kill coyotes by catching, trapping, or shooting on their land.

Step 6 – Your Safety Matters!

A snarling fierce coyote with mouth open close up

A snarling fierce coyote with mouth open close up

It is critical to concentrate on safety if you are after coyotes animals. You need to stay careful when handling arrows, bows or firearms and wild animals for that reason.

Visibility is a problem while at a night hunting, and not each hunter might have an advanced set of binoculars. Keep in mind such animals are prone to disease so you should put on gloves while handling them.

Hunting coyotes animals at nighttime are much more challenging than hunting during the daytime. It is a risk for you. Also, it is a risk for the predator itself.

Step 7 – How Do You Scout Possible Hunting Areas?

group of men hunters scouting during sunrise

group of men hunters scouting during sunrise

Scouting is important. You can carry out it by placing trail cameras, communicating with fellow hunters, or even talk to property owners who would like their coyote inhabitants thinned.

You do not need to fast-forward this step, so go once the climate allows you a chance to gather enough information and relax. If you have found an excellent spot, be silent when approaching that site and stay quiet while you are there.

Step 8 – How to Reach the Location Properly?

Coyote is laser-focused as well as can get curious for the slightest matter. Start by hiding your vehicle tactically. Be cautious with doors also do not bang accessories while carrying. Remain silent as much as you can and prevent noise and scent around your stand.

Step 9 – How to Select Your Position Wisely

coyote hunting vantage point

coyote hunting vantage point

All coyote hunting calls works, thus coyotes will show up, but what suppose they arrive but you cannot look at them? It happens to many hunters. You wait, yet coyotes come just some yards near to you, and you do not even notice him.

All you should realize it occurs only if a hunter selects an below par vantage point. Make it a best practice always to pick an elevated place, tree, or hill, so you could easily observe coyotes, while they cannot view you.

Step 10 – Practice Makes You Perfect

Training is mandatory due to the fact hunting requirements vary based on the period and even daily. Therefore, you must apply different methods to decide which one performs the best for that particular surface and time.

Step 11 – What to Do If You Do Not Have Any Luck?

coyote running away

coyote running away

Waiting in the same position for long is a typical mistake, yet so is regular moving. The solution is simply to change your spot. Do give yourself some time, though.

If you call in coyotes, they usually come in 5 minutes. However, in some situations, you must hang on between 20-30 minutes before deciding to move. The more ground you go over, the higher coyotes you can lure.

Step 12 – Baiting Coyotes

Where authorized, baiting is an excellent method for luring coyotes into a trap. Pro game hunters use anything from gopher carcasses combined with water to dog food cans and skunk cocktail.

Check with butcher shops, domesticated pet operations, and amusement parks to get wellsprings of various meat scraps. Baiting techniques are always improving, so discuss with your hunting partner and look at a few videos to know what is working currently in certain areas.

How To Gain an Edge Over Other Predator Hunters

  1. Try to get gloves which are lightweight and provide you a firm grip, considering temperatures during your hunting.
  2. Record whenever you can of your hunts. It includes the equipment used, date, wind conditions, time weather, and your failures and successes.
  3. Keep the shooting skills razor-sharp by joining a shooting center, visiting the local firing range, or from hunting other game types when coyotes are not available.
  4. Patience and calling sequence is an advantage, mainly with regards to predator hunting.
  5. Coyotes often hunt in couples and not groups. Therefore, you can expect for over a single coyote to come. First, have a shot to the 1st one. Assume your shot was accurate and instantly kills it. The second one will look to flee away. Then use your distress call and that coyote either will run away or sometimes turns back for a minute or come back closer. There lies your chance for the 2 in a row kill. This extra time is for your taking so do not miss out.
  6. If you strike coyotes in the wrong region, they will sprint away, and it could get much harder to pursue an injured coyote compared to a deer. Targeting insight with its shoulder is perfect and suppose you can have a bang-on head hit, take it. Prevent center-body hits.
  7. They are very active while the wind is low, thus even suppose the wind is calm you should remain upwind to avoid them from getting a sniff of you.


The best coyote hunting tricks come with experience. All the 12 tips mentioned above came straight from pro coyote hunters that have each devoted years mastering the art of hunt.

Do not feel discouraged suppose it requires you a few attempts to make your very first coyote animal kill. Just do not give up.

Happy hunting and all the best to you!


We believe you will find these tricks helpful, and we would like to hear which worked for you. Also, you can tell us if you got any coyote hunting tips you would like to get added to this list.

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